2 Simple Tips for Improving Youth Baseball Hitting | Baseball Hitting Drills

We all want to see our kids hit the ball. What are some youth baseball hitting tips that our kids can use to improve hitting the ball..getting on base, generate runs, even hit home runs?

Here are 2 simple baseball hitting tips for youth baseball players can do and help improve your youth baseball hitting. This is great for coaches and parents of youth baseball to know.2 youth baseball hitting tips

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Batting drills can be fun, practice has to be done but in the long run hands, wrists, and forearms need to be strong to develop a quick swing and result in hitting the ball hard. This will not only help your child or team hit the ball harder with more control of the bat , but also prepare them for high school baseball. Here is a simple inexpensive way to do just that.

1) Tennis Ball – Have some tennis balls around the house and especially in your child’s room. While your youth baseball player is watching t.v. or waiting on his turn to play a video game he can be squeezing the tennis ball building the muscles on the hand , wrist , and forearms .
Sure you can buy exercise equipment for this but don’t waste the money. This will offer plenty enough resistance for what your child or team needs to develop.
2) Repetition – Simply put, It takes swings. Hitting off the tee, soft toss and some live batting practice. These three can be done at home or before/after scheduled practice times to increase hitting performance.
It does work.
As a coach of youth baseball, have a practice set up one just for hitting and have some volunteers help and move kids from stations. A batting tee station. A soft toss station, a live free hitting station, and finish with a simple game.
I like to just split the team in half, everyone can play infield and any hits to the outfield count as a double, play three innings or so have a run limit. Kids love it because they can start at a different position..you also get some catching and pitching practice in on this.

Coaches, be sure and tell your kids and parents about the tennis ball exercise. Not all, but several will do it. It’s even a good beginning strength builder for adults too. If you  utilize stations while coaching youth baseball, you will have much more success with hitting in little league youth baseball.
After all…everyone loves to hit the ball, and see their own son do it. These two youth baseball hitting tips are a great step toward your child(and team) hitting the ball hard. Here is a youth baseball hitting drill to help improve hitting with two strikes

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