2 Strike Drill-Hitting with two strikes-How can we decrease strikeouts?

2 Strike Drill-Hitting with two strikes

reduce strikeouts | hitting with two strikesIn youth baseball there is arguably nothing worse or more feared, than striking out looking. It happens a lot so as coaches…how can we decrease strikeouts especially in a two strike count? Coaches need to be sure hitters have proper hitting technique,

but also need their youth baseball players to adjust when there is two strikes.
Warning ! This youth baseball hitting drill is meant to be used in addition to your batting practice and drills. It is meant solely for putting the ball in play with two strikes. A few things youth baseball coaches should be aware of…

  • First we accept there is going to be strikeouts. If you can hit a round ball with a round stick 3 out of 10 times you are actually considered one of the greats. How can we decrease strikeouts?
  • Second..What is the youth baseball players hitting style? There are generally two kinds of hitters. Power hitters, who usually have a longer swing and do have a tendency to strikeout more. We accept this because power hitters should be getting extra bases when they
    hit and driving in runs.
    The other type is what is commonly called the contact hitter. Usually has a quick short swing and puts the ball in play a lot.Overall, they usually strike out less.  Many young players try to be a power hitters but dont have the numbers to prove it. Coaches be aware of this for some of your players with high strikeout ratios.
  • Choke up- I generally believe if a youth baseball player needs to choke up the bat is too big. Except in the two strike situation. Choking up should help the hitter shorten his swing and gain a little more control of the bat head and increase the ability to make contact with the ball. This could be an option for young players.
  • Swing if it is close- Dont let the umpire decide your fate. Expand your
    strike zone a little but not too much. Close means just that. We still dont swing at balls in the dirt or over our heads. Strike out looking is a terrible crime in baseball.
  • Relax – How? Remember..everyone strikes out. You cannot let fear prevent you from possibly succeeding. It just takes one and that is what you have left in a 2 strike situation. A focused, positive mental attitude is probably the strongest key factor in hitting baseball.

2 strike drill |
youth baseball hitting drill

  • This youth baseball hitting drills focus is to reduce strikeouts
  • This should be a youth baseball hitting station with 3-5 batters
  • Use a coach to pitch (machine can be an option as well)
  • Have players line up with bats and helmets on (they should be moving quickly)
  • Count is 0/2. The player gets to keep swinging as long as he is making contact on anything close(over the head and in the dirt should not count) try and make some pitches difficult..a little out, a little high, a little low, etc.
  • Once the player misses he’s out and runs to the back of the line. The next player should be coming quickly.

This drill is meant to be fast paced to keep pressure on, this in turn will help the player learn to relax and take control once in the batters box with no rush.  Properly performed you can run through your lineup 2 or 3 times very quickly with the 2 strike drill and be on a good start to reducing your teams strikeouts.

Note: This drill is meant to be used in addition to your batting practice and drills. It is meant solely for putting the ball in play with two strikes. It also should be a station to reduce players lingering around. Stations work ! Players are more active and get more reps.
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