Top 20 Reasons to coach Youth baseball -Funny reasons to coach youth baseball

We all love baseball and enjoy teaching and coaching youth baseball. It is a very rewarding feeling to have a youth baseball player actually follow thru in a game with what you have taught and coaching. For instance a kids first strikeout or a fly ball being caught. However, there are some things that come along with it not so rewarding. The following list is for humor purposes but does reign true. 🙂
This list has been reproduced from Barton’s Youth Baseball

Top 20 Reasons to Coach Youth Baseball

  1. You get to spend most of your summer with other people’s’ kids instead of your own.
  1. You get to rake fields and set up bases just like a real ground screw member.
  1. You get the credit when a kid isn’t playing well.
  1. You get to put off your vacation until right before school starts.
  1. You get a great farmer’s tan.
  1. You get to be the last one home after a game.
  1. You get thick skin by being second-guessed about 2500 times or so by parents.
  1. You get to spend a lot of evenings on the phone instead of with your wife.
  1. You gain deeper insight into the game by hearing such novel bits of wisdom as “straighten it out” and “throw a strike” from the stands.
  1. You get to drive around a bunch of dirty kids in your car.
  1. You have lots of meaningful conversations with parents, like about how great their kids can pitch.
  1. You get great insight into emotional disorders in children, for when you want to pursue a career in counseling.
  1. You get to spend your own money on extra balls and equipment.
  1. You get to leave work early to get to the field early.
  1. You get to leave work even earlier to pick up kids without rides.
  1. You develop humility when the kids get credit for wins and you get blamed for losses.
  1. You get the honor of coaching a bunch of kids that think they’re doing you a favor by showing up.
  1. You get to have a party at your house after the season with your own food and soda.
  1. You get a small gift certificate after the season for a restaurant you don’t even like.
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