Three reasons hitters strike out | baseball hitting drills

We came across a saved email from Coach Kenny and wanted to share it with you. It is called “The three biggest reasons your players strike out”
There are youth baseball hitting drills to address these issues with poor or weak hits. See if any of these are affecting your players, or learn what to look for this next season when your players are in batting practice.

1) Poor eyesight

If you have a player making a good swing , but struggling to make contact it may be his vision. Watching the ball from the pitchers release point is a very important fundamental in all levels of hitting, especially in youth baseball.
You should bring this up with the player and his parents.

2) Heavy Bat

One I have personally seen time after time is the bat is too heavy. A heavy bat is difficult to control and slows the bat speed down which costs the youth baseball hitter a lot of power. we recommend a bat between 16 and 19 ounces for youth baseball players ten and under.

3) Over swinging

Over swinging causes a player to lose balance and control. Choking up a couple of inches on the bat could help gain control of the bat head.

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