2 Strike Drill-Hitting with two strikes-How can we decrease strikeouts?

2 Strike Drill-Hitting with two strikes In youth baseball there is arguably nothing worse or more feared, than striking out looking. It happens a lot so as coaches…how can we decrease strikeouts especially in a two strike count? Coaches need to be sure hitters have proper hitting technique, but also need their youth baseball players to… [Continue Reading]

Ready Position- Baseball Ready Position Infield

Be in the ready position before every play. You cant field a ball and make the play unless you are ready. Infield Down and ready means just that..But what exactly is down and ready? Need some hints ? Coaching youth baseball will be a lot easier with these Baseball ready position hints for boys baseball…. [Continue Reading]

Attitude for Boys Little League Youth Baseball Team-Attitudes in Youth Baseball

Attitude for a boys youth little league baseball team is highly important and a coach and or parent can fix it. It is easier to start the attitudes out right instead of trying to fix it. Coaching youth baseball with good attitudes will make your coaching job a lot easier..as a coach or parent. Yes..the… [Continue Reading]

Youth Baseball – Ready Position for T ball

In t ball , how do you teach a 5 year old the Ready Position? Here is some hints to teach the ready position for t ball and youth baseball. I am tired of hearing coaches and parents screaming down and ready, and the kids put there hands on their knees because they have been… [Continue Reading]

Youth Baseball is a Great Way to Instill Values in Your Kids

Instilling Values and Youth Baseball Coaching youth baseball is not only for teaching baseball. Michelle McClory writes on the other aspects children can learn from parents and coaching. “As a parent, one of the most important responsibilities that you have assumed is instilling a set of values into the life of your child. The process… [Continue Reading]

Positive Attitude in Coaching Youth Baseball

Positive Attitude in Coaching Youth Baseball-Promote Good Attitudes Coaches calling a timeout can promote positive attitudes in youth baseball. To promote and maintain a positive attitude in youth baseball, we as coaches need to make sure we do not “lose our cool” , as the opportunity to do so will happen many times. Lets say… [Continue Reading]

Baseball Parent attitude-Improve your baseball teams attitude

Improve your baseball teams attitude How is your child’s team attitude? What can you do to improve your child’s attitude in baseball? Ask yourself a question. Do you believe a kill ’em all attitude on the field is beneficial to youth baseball?, or how about this.. Youth baseball is a sport that involves a whole… [Continue Reading]

How to Win Over Your Team as a New Youth Baseball Coach

Coaching Youth Baseball is full of challenges.  Here is an article by Michelle McClory that gives some hints on how to win over your team as the new coach.. New Youth Baseball Coach If you want to have the happiest team in the league, you need to realize right off the bat that it’s not… [Continue Reading]

New to Coaching Youth Baseball|So You Want To Coach Little League

So you want to coach Little League? Coaching youth baseball for the first time? It can be a scary feeling not even knowing where to start, or even worse..you think you know where to start. Here are some good pointers and suggestions on the first things to do as a youth baseball coach. Even if you… [Continue Reading]