How to be a Good Youth Baseball Coach | Coaching Youth Baseball 

After years of coaching youth baseball, creating select youth baseball teams, creating a new league even !.. We still see the same mistakes made over again. We come across an article that had many key points of being a good youth baseball coach and thought we should let everyone in involved in coaching youth baseballto see for themselves. Read more and find out our most important rules of coaching youth baseball.

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There is no magic way to coach youth baseball or even to be a great youth baseball coach. The keys to being o good or great youth baseball coach is a true desire to help the kids succeed , learn and grow , and the discipline to manage your teams time effectively as well as your own. Here is a list of some best qualities for coaching youth baseball.

1) Teach during practice – review and work on weaknesses from previous practices and games

2) Motivate – It’s not about coaching youth’s about the players

3) Teaching how to win –  It is more important than winning. I know everyone hears that crap..But if the effort is there..the wins will come. You should teach your kids to strive to excel and do their best as a part of the team.

4) Baseball is a Game – Games are supposed to be fun. Make practice hard work and fun. Then you don’t have to work during the game..the game is a game and games are supposed to be fun, right ?

5) Be a student – There are many educational resources available..not to mention rule changes every year.

6) Bad things – The bad things..errors and other negatives can be made into positives. I relate this to” learning by doing.”If you did it wrong you know that doesn’t work, what do we do right?

The Most Important Rules of Coaching Youth Baseball

1) Positive Example – You are a role model and this can transgress into all aspects of a child’s life. Players will remember you the rest of their lives. Let’s make sure it is a good one.

2) Establish Rules – Three good reasons for authority.. Safety , Direction , Correction

3) Be Organized – Write out practices and games, use help if offered..find a place for other parents willing to contribute. Know what you want to review and improve, and introduce new in practices. Know where your kids are going to play.

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