How do you choose a youth baseball bat

How do you choose a youth baseball bat

Choosing the right youth baseball bat. It can be challenging process, no matter if you’re the parent, and/ or actively involved in coaching youth baseball. A number of factors have to be taken into consideration when it comes to picking out a good bat. How heavy a youth baseball ,bat should be and how long are just two variables that need to be considered in deciding how big a youth baseball bat should be.

What do you need to know to choose the right bat?

First, we need to be sure and fit the bat to the player.  We do not want to purchase a youth baseball bat and try to make the player try to fit it. How do you choose a youth baseball bat. There are five key factors to consider in choosing a youth baseball bat:

· height of the child

· weight of the child

· length of the bat

· weight of the bat

· size of the bat’s barrel

Sometimes, in the more sophisticated situations, other factors you may want to take into consideration are the grip and the taper of the bat. But that’s just more food for thought when you choose a youth baseball bat.

Hence, the following youth baseball size chart can be used as a guideline when selecting the proper size baseball bat. Interestingly enough, the scale resulted from a study conducted at the University of Northern Arizona in which the best bat weight was determined by the player’s height or weight. The key word here is guideline. The scale is a suggestion to follow and not a hard and fast rule, but I have used it successfully as a guide for many years.

Youth Baseball Bat Size Chart

Notice that the bat size is relative to the player’s height in the Youth (8-10 year olds) and High School/College categories.
In the Youth (11-12 year olds) category, it is determined by the player’s weight.

youth baseball bat size chart

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