Bunting Youth Baseball | 6 Tips to Improve Hitting with Bunting

hitting with two strikesBunting in youth baseball can be one of the most exciting aspects of youth baseball hitting. Game winning runs can be won and lost by bunting plays and bunting defense. Bunting, positive reinforcement and practice,  can also help achieve an increase in a youth baseball teams batting average… while at the concurrent time, improving individuals players performance and confidence.

  • Bunting in youth baseball is a great offensive hitting strategy that moves runners, scores points, and can win youth baseball games.
  • Bunting can help improve youth baseball hitting.
  • Bunting puts the team goals first, however you can bunt for base hits and increase your  own batting average and respect.
  • Every youth baseball player needs to learn how to bunt.

Bunting Tips for youth baseball hitting
Here are some tips to teach youth baseball players how to bunt properly and effectively .

1) Imagine yourself putting the bunt down. Great players vision success before it happens. If you get the bunt sign from your coach step out and focus and visualize the bunt. Getting your mind right(mental preparation) gives you a huge advantage before you actually attempt the task.

2) Move to the front of the batters box. You want your bat head out in front of the plate. The reason for this if the ball goes straight down you still have a fair ball and a hard play for the defensive to make.

3) Hold the bat properly. Hold the bat head up and out in front of the plate. The handle should be down lower than the bat head. This will help you bunt the top of the ball and drive it down. We do not want pop ups when attempting a bunt. We dont approve of holding the bat level for this reason, but is not agreed with entirely among the youth baseball  instructors.

4) Use your legs not your hands to move the bat according to the pitch. Using your hands can result in the dreaded pop up. Use your legs to lower or raise the bat!

5) Bunt only strikes. Pull back on bad pitches. Bunting bad pitches can result in pop ups and called strikes.

6) Catch the ball with the bat. Do not try to push the bat into the ball. I see this and it usually results in a strike. Hold the bat at the proper angle out in front of the plate and use your legs to move the bat and drive the ball down.

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