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Youth Baseball  Hitting Drills – The art of hitting a round ball with a rounded stick was identified by USA Today as the hardest feat in all of sports…what other sport identifies prime talent as those who only fail 7 out of 10 times (a .300 BA) and the greats of the game by failing only 6.50% of the time (a .350 BA)!Your actually considered pretty good hitter with a .280 batting average.youth baseball hitting drills

The ugly reality is that by age 13…70% of players have left the game and the #1 reason given in the one major study I have seen  is that it’s not fun…Possible translation = a lack of success. Hitting is one of the biggest measurements we put on our youth baseball players
As parents and youth baseball coaches, we thrive on success and the approval of our peers. We enjoy being good at things and getting slapped on the back for a job well done! Good golfers don’t play tennis on the weekends…bad cooks probably don’t enjoy cooking in their spare time.
Some of The Greatest Pro Athletes Never Get Out of Low A Ball and
Some of The Best Amateurs Never Have Success In High School or College
The best players don’t always become tomorrow’s superstars. Take talent and add commitment and you will have many of the MLB Players you see on TV… Take tremendous gifts and add that same competitive work ethic and you have the few superstars that exist in any generation!

Kids Don’t Swing Enough… so most players don’t ever maximize whatever gifts they have! Youth baseball players need more fun interactive youth baseball hitting drills.
Most youth baseball teams practices do not give kids enough quality swings to go beyond their physical talents to become a successful hitter. Proper baseball batting drills are a must at home and need to be made fun! This encourages today’s players to stay in the game…long enough to thrive!

So How Do You Become Your Best ?
It’s a 2 Part Answer:
1. Learn how to most efficiently swing your bat…this takes a coach, a dad with some knowledge and  good videos, books, and other training aides (remember, even the best in the game have a hitting coach in the dugout so there’s always little tweaks until the day you play your last game)
2. Do it over and over and over…the right way.

Who Else Wants To Be A Better Hitter In Less Than 1 Week?
Baseball Hitting Drills | Be A Better Hitter

Baseball Hitting Drills – The short is that there are 3 basic areas…

where any age youth player can really develop a better game… and the first two right at home:
1. You Must Hit Off A Batting Tee… a lot! This will help you perfect your swing mechanics without having to track a moving baseball. All it takes is a good batting tee and a catch net to keep the balls out of the neighbor’s yard (and yes, you can pitch into it as well)! Baseball Tips offers over 14 different tees and 6 catch nets… good stuff starting from under $100. total! They say that Derek Jeter wore his tee station out during the long Michigan winter months.
2. You Must Hit Angle Toss… a lot! Soft Toss, also known as flip drills is simply a drill where a coach sits on a bucket at a 45 degree angle on the open side of the hitter and tosses a looping flip about every 6 seconds. You can use the same catch net from your Tee Station, saving you some extra cash. This valuable drill builds on your tee station and adds timing and the focus you must have to consistently hit hard shots. Balls are tossed toward the front knee, the mid body and then the back knee to teach hitting to all fields
3. Soft Toss…a lot!  A coach or a partner either stands or sits on a chair 25 – 30 feet in front of the hitter and behind an “L” screen for protection.  The coach/partner soft tosses baseballs to the hitter.  It’s a good idea to alternate hitters or rest after every 5 or 6 tosses other wise the hitter loses his focus and or gets tired, resulting in poor hitting mechanics and thus destroying everything the hitter has tried to build on.

These are three powerful baseball batting drills in developing proper swing techniques and hitting the ball hard. Put this in with some cage time and live hitting, youth baseball players will hit the ball more and harder, thus resulting in more success and fun for everyone.

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