Attitude for Boys Little League Youth Baseball Team-Attitudes in Youth Baseball

Attitude for a boys youth little league baseball team is highly important and a coach and or parent can fix it. It is easier to start the attitudes out right instead of trying to fix it. Coaching youth baseball with good attitudes will make your coaching job a lot a coach or parent.

Yes..the youth baseball coach creates the positive attitude right from the beginning.
Positive attitude on a boys or girls youth baseball are some things to incorporate..

As a youth baseball coach , one of the most important tasks you have is to create team unity. You have to do this while keeping the players active and developing skills. It is very important for team players,coaches, and parents to have a good attitude, with a positive attitude. How? The Coach creates it.

Each child is an individual and is important to the team.
What is the most important position in baseball? It is wherever the ball is!

Practice should be, but fun. Write down your practice and go over it
with your other coaches.

Involve Parents and Players in some of the youth baseball decisions.
Remember, as a coach you have the final say. But, there is nothing wrong
with getting input from those around you with common interests.

Mistakes are O.K. ! Its how we learn. A child , (coach or parent also) should
not be got on to for making a mistake. Learn together. If something is
done wrong or not the way you would like it.. Show the correct way, tell
why it should be the way your are demonstrating , let them try it again.

Ownership – Let your players take some ownership in the team. Everyone
should be responsible for their own equipment. My Mom or Dad forgot it
dont cut it. Remember, every child will be different! If you have stretching
drills before practice or games..let a player lead the out the

These guidelines will show you are serious about education. Coaching youth baseball is education. Here is how you start the season to foster a good attitude..

Team meeting
Goals – Have it written down, and give a copy to the parents and go over it
This will let everyone know the direction your taking with the
Ask for help – To do right you cant do it by yourself. You need help from
parents. The parents now have a vested interest in the team.
You need parents for…
the dugout..drill raising..different viewpoints

Another useful tool is a chalkboard or dry erase board. Everyone knows the have parent have heard advice..(implemented or not). A chalkboard or dry erase board should be set up at practices. You can write on it the goals for practice, next game time, next practice, and any other information relevant. This allows you some free time, instead of having discuss and repeat so many times..the kids know what is going to happen that day , the parents know what is going to happen and whats next..
P.S. After all the kids arrive I would go over the days drills with them so they know exactly what they are going to work on and why. Too many times I see kids not sure of what the hell is going on and what is expected of them.
If you write the days drills will notice the kids looking at them as the practices continue and even looking forward to certain ones and going, aw some they see listed. Point is attitude.

Coaches,Parents and the Boys or Girls will know exactly what will be done at practice and why. This will help the attitude of your team like you have never seen.

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